Art Gallery

Laphto hosted its first Art Exhibition "NEXUS" between June 5-14, 2009.

NEXUS is the convergence of one group and multiple solo exhibitions involving painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. The idea of organizing several exhibitions simultaneously was born thanks to the architecture of Laphto building that has both the capacity and the aesthetical quality to host an artistic event of such a scale.

The solo artists represented were:

  • Demessie Gurmu
  • Desta Mahdere
  • Elizabeth Habte Wolde
  • Henok Getachew
  • Konjit Seyoum
  • Loulou Cherinet
  • Michael Tsegaye
  • Mickael Bethe Selassie
  • Mihret Kebede
  • Mulugeta Gebre Kidan
  • Mulugeta Kassa
  • Tamrat Gezahegn
  • Tesfahun Kibru

The group exhibition featured the works of graduates and students of the Enlightenment Art Academy led by Eshetu Tiruneh.

Exhibition Curator: Konjit Seyoum (Asni Gallery)

Artistic Advisor: Elizabeth Habte Wolde