Bowlarama Bowling Lounge

Bowlarama Lanes has the only 12 fully automated bowling lanes in Addis Ababa, with state of the art Brunswick bowling equipment.

The bowling lanes have overhead and individual station high automated HI DEF scoring screens, and pioneering music and lighting, making for hours of enjoyment with friends and family.

Bowlarama also has another first for Addis Ababa, late night cosmic (Glow) bowling! This makes nighttime bowling one of the greatest choices for evening gatherings or celebrations! There is lots of spectator seating which means that those that are not bowling can also be included in the fun. Bowlarama's staff will supply you with snacks and drinks even as you enjoy your game.

Bowling is also available for younger players, aged 7 and up. To encourage young players, Bowlarama's lanes can be customized with gutter guards, which guarantee that younger players’ bowling balls will always stay in the lanes.

Bowlarama members are offered lockers to store their bowling balls, shoes and other essentials. Shoe rentals are also available.

Bowlarama Lounge
Bowlarama Lounge is next to the bowling lanes and can accommodate up to 100 guests. The Lounge is designed so guests can choose to either watch the action in the bowling lanes or simply socialize with their family and friends.

The Lounge area is about relaxation in an attractive setting. There are comfortable lounge chairs and tables designed for maximum comfort and spotlights over the seating areas for a warm and informal atmosphere. With its beautiful décor, spectacular bar and friendly and efficient full waitress service, the Bowlarama Lounge is a "hang out" spot by itself.