Aqua Club

The Aqua Club swimming pool at Laphto Center is designed so that it can address everyone's need for exercise and fun at the same time!

The Aqua Club swimming pool has 4 designated 50 meters Olympic length lanes and a 200m2 children's area. The pool is kept constantly heated at 26°C and has one of only 3 filtration pool systems in Addis Ababa.

Aqua Club has also dedicated a children's area so that children and toddlers can swim and play in safety. For young swimmers who just want to have a fun filled day at the pool, there is the ONE and ONLY water slide in Addis!

Laphto offers ladies only swimming programs, which are designed and specifically geared towards a woman's unique needs. Our classes provide privacy/exclusivity, special exercise and nutrition programs with trained female instructors and personal trainers.

For guests who want to learn swimming, the Aqua Club offers basic and advanced swimming lessons, water aerobics and other aquatics. Water safety and basic life guard training is also available.

For serious swimmers who want to exercise, the designated lanes mean that swimmers can enjoy a full length swim without interruption.

For parents who want their children to learn swimming skills, swimming instruction for children is available in a safe and fun environment. In addition to different swimming lessons, children will be taught water safety and basic life saving.

All new students will be evaluated prior to registration to make sure they are placed in the proper classes and students will be required to wear safety equipment (water wings, flotation pads) until they become proficient.

For added privacy and exclusivity, the AQUA Club has cabanas around the pool which are available for rental on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

AQUA Club member will be offered a full menu and taken care of by efficient and friendly staff. Food can be eaten either by the swimming pool, at the AQUA Club snack and bar area or at Café "O".