Conferences and Events

Laphto is ideal for large concerts, shows and events.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Corporate Retreats

Laphto’s event facilities can to cater to both large and small events, from the smallest private meetings and gatherings to large conferences with multi -purpose demands.

The facilities are designed to be adaptable to suit guests’ requirements and can be used together or as individual units.

Stages, modern audio and communication systems, and filming and recording facilities are available on demand.

Laphto also offers catering and office services which make these facilities ideal for professionals who require comprehensive meeting and conference services.

Parties and Celebrations

Laphto is able to host parties of up to 500 people at a time. You can put your mind at rest while we cater to all your needs: decorating, party arrangements, entertainment management or any other special requests you may have.

Weddings, graduations, birthday parties, christenings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, promotions or re- tirement parties, and other celebrations can also be accommodated at Laphto.

Laphto parties for children will be action packed, entertaining and hassle free. We will help parents plan the party, provide and decorate the space, supervise the activities, cater the food and take care of anything else that is needed.

Parents will be able to customize party activities and events that can be staged around a particular sport or recreation that means basketball, bowling, martial arts, parties, field games or arts and crafts sessions that mean a truly UNIQUE party experience.