We offer multiple membership options designed to suit wide range of target groups.

Individual Memberships
We invite all individuals to be our members and join our large community, make friends, have fun and stay fit and healthy.

Partner/Couples Memberships
Why sign up on your own, when working out and entertaining with a partner can be much more motivating and fulfilling? Join with your partner and also save money. Our couple's package will entitle you to a15% discount.

Family Memberships
These days it can be hard to find the time to enjoy with the family. At Laphto we are all about "Fun, Family and Fitness". We offer a wide range of facilities and programs that are designed to allow everyone in the family, to find enjoyable activities and have fun. No more need to leave the kids behind to spend quality time and have fun!

Group Memberships
Encourage your friends, families and colleagues to join your group membership. It's competitive, motivating and bonding. Our group membership will entitle you to a discounted group rate, provided a minimum of 6 members signs up together. Invite people to join your group.

Corporate Memberships
Our corporate fitness and entertainment program is a special membership package for organizations who are committed to promoting entertainment, fitness and wellness in the workplace as a means to increase productivity, to build team spirit, to reward employees, customers and partners, and to achieve the overall organizational objectives.

Your employees are the heart of your business; keep their hearts, bodies and minds in top form by enrolling your company or organization in our Corporate Membership program. Corporate membership enrollment allows your employees, customers and partners to access our different facilities and utilize customized service packages at discounted or preferential rates.

Read about our special introductory membership package.