Special Membership Offer

At Laphto we are now offering a special consolidated membership service package at an introductory rate. The package includes the below listed benefits:

  • Discounted membership rate:
    A general introductory discount rate, discounts for couples and group discounts for a minimum of 6 people registering at once.

  • Fitness Assessments
    Individual fitness assessments for body composition, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance, and overall flexibility, which provide a baseline of information for goal setting and exercise programming. This assessment will be conducted every 12 weeks.

  • Individualized Exercise Programs
    An equipment orientation session and a personalized exercise program that is designed to an individual's current fitness level and personal health and fitness goals. These programs will be designed in combination with a health plan. Members will also receive free customized and  personal training services for the first two weeks of membership and can access additional personal training sessions for a small additional fee for the rest of the membership period.

  • Group Exercise Programs
    Multiple and free group exercise classes. Members can choose from Laphto's 80 regularly scheduled weekly group exercise and aerobic classes. Classes include:
  • Swimming
    Access to Club Aqua Swimming Pool

  • Spa Services 
    Sauna, Steam, Jacuzzi, Massage and towel services.

  • Discounted Bowling
    Members receive an additional 15% discount at our Bowlarama bowling facilities.

  • Café and Restaurants
    Members will receive an additional 15% discount at our Café Ó.

  • Running and Walking Track
    Members have complete access to our running track, which is equipped with special shock absorbing flooring and circles the entire top of Laphto, with a beautiful view of the complex and the surroundings.

  • Basketball and Volleyball
    Members have free access to our outdoor basketball and volleyball courts for group games and tournaments.

  • Ladies only programs
    Laphto offers ladies only fitness and swimming programs designed and specifically geared towards a woman's unique needs. Our classes provide privacy/exclusivity, special exercise and nutrition programs with trained female instructors and personal trainers.

  • Kids, Youth and Students
    We further have special rates and activities for kids, youth and students.
    • Club Aqua has a dedicated a children's area so that children and toddlers can swim and play in safety.
    • Karate and self defense fitness classes

  • Joining and Registration Fee's
    Members are not required to pay the one time joining and registration fees of Br. 925.

  • Guest passes
    Members will be given 8 free guest passes worth Br. 1,600. The guest pass allows the member to invite non member guests, friends, family and business associates and colleagues at no expense.

  • Access to other multi services
    For our members’ convenience, Laphto further offers a range of different facilities and services on a separate package and fee basis. As a multi service complex we aim to integrate all services in Laphto (both ours, our partners and tenants) into a single benefit package. In this way, our members will benefit from discounted and fully integrated services.
    • Byogenic Spa /full service salon and spa/
    • Sparkle Youth Club
      Playgrounds, jungle gym, daycare and youth camps
    • Film / screening rooms (three different halls. These rooms play a major role in Laphto’s cultural and community forums by providing members and guests with an ideal opportunity to learn about different societies and traditions, through the exchange of information, food, films and entertainment.
    • Rec. Room /pool and darts
    • Bank, Supermarket, and Shops