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VIGOR Fitness has one of the best workout facilities in Addis Ababa and provides excellent facility and services for its members and guests.

VIGOR Fitness has been designed to meet the highest international standards and has over 2,500 m of customized workout space. Designated areas are treated with sanitation treatment and high strength ventilation to reduce mold and maximize hygiene. Free weights, aerobics, and martial arts areas are covered in shock absorbing, padded flooring, to minimize injuries commonly incurred in gyms.

The facility includes luxury steam and sauna services for women and men, with over 200 lockers in each section, showers, restrooms, toiletries and towel service,

VIGOR Fitness has over 200 pieces of equipment, including cardiovascular, circuit training, resistance and strength building and free weights. The gym's equipment is from world class providers of commercial gym equipment, including Life Fitness and Hammer Strength.

Some of our workout equipment;

Life Fitness Cardio Machine including Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, Cross Trainers, Upright Bikes and Summit Trainers. We also have Life Fitness Fit Series machines and Circuit Series machines.

Hammer Strength Series Machines including Abdominal Crunch, Ground Base Squat / Lunge, Lateral Chest / Back Hammer, Lateral Decline Press and Seated Calf Raise, and Strength Benches& Racks.

VIGOR Fitness also provides various accessories which support and enhance workouts and training. All this equipment means that your time is never wasted and that, instead, you can find creative ways to maximize your body training and mind discipline your mind.